Automobile industry is one of the fastest growing sector siting new research and developments happening without any gap. The ideas that were floated few years back have become reality of today’s automobile systems. All who are passionate about vehicles know about the kind of unbelievable technology advancements in this industry, like self-driving cars, cool hybrids etc.

While we are seeing the advancements in the automobile industry, the complexity in learning curve increases day by day. Expert technicians have the option to excel in a particular technology and develop an exciting career in that particular area than the historical way of service and repair. Automobile engineering professionals should develop skills on these latest technologies and this is possible only through workshop/ training programs.

As the advanced technological concepts are included in the CAT curriculum, going for CAT workshops/ training programs would help needy professionals to acquire knowledge on them.

Launch Equipment Training

‘Learning Curve’ makes you race up to the fast-paced technologies, latest diagnostic devices and other innovations from LAUNCH, a pioneer in the automotive aftermarket. This exclusive orientation drive is steered by CAT with an amazing track record in providing specialized services for Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Skoda and Volkswagen. Do gear up and mark your dates.


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